About Jenny

Jenny Freestone is a printmaker, currently living in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.  A British national, Jenny has been living in the US since 1996. 

She writes of  her work : “I work in the media of Etching, Drypoint. Lithography. Direct Gravure, Photogravure and Photopolymer Gravure. My work begins with drawn studies or photographs, which will form the basis for the resulting print. Photographic work has become an increasingly important  factor in my work, in combination with drawn images. I choose my printmaking medium carefully –  the stark etching line, the soft lithograph line, the rich drypoint line or the gravure method, the quality of a photographic image – to reflect the meaning I intend within the print.

My subject matter tends to be the overlooked, or less remarked. There is always an initial ‘wow’ factor which draws me in.  This can be purely visual – a perfection of form perhaps, or the subject’s resonance with those historical, ethical or environmental matters which interest me – or both.In much of my work, natural forms are my source material.  I use these forms as metaphors for human life, for what human life has accomplished (for good or for ill). I often use them in conjunction with architectural form, to reinforce the connection between the human endeavour and the natural endeavour. Origin and loss, maturity and decay, and the imperative of personal and collective moral integrity are the concerns I wish to address.”

Jenny has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has work in the following collections:

  • Library of Congress, Washington DC
  • Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC
  • Hunt Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; PA
  • DFI International, DC
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts,  DC
  • Georgetown University, DC
  • National Museum of American History DC
  • Smithsonian Institution. DC
  • Center for Arts and Culture, DC
  • World Bank,  DC
  • City University, Dublin, Ireland
  • Smith and Nephew PLC, UK
  • British American Tobacco, Uzbekistan.